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Okay, yes, the eclipse was pretty cool, but we weren’t in the path of totality (we were at like 96%), so I didn’t have the Transcendent Experience that some have described. I mean, it was definitely neat. And we did get cute pictures. And it does sort of feel like a little gremlin has been set loose in my soul. But my neck was also sore the day after. Worth it???

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Phil Wells

Eclipse complaints are the last existing taboo.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Dang it

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Jason Fontenot

See below. As usual xkcd was on this. I know from experience it is absolutely true. Unfortunately this isn’t widely communicated or appreciated.

Stephanie A-H

My daughter is 6 months old and I was just terrified that she'd burn out her teeny tiny eyeballs by mimicking us.

....then she actively licked a super dirty table in a public restaurant. You win some you lose some?

Edith ZimmermanMOD

This is content I’m talking about!!

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Edith ZimmermanMOD

I Lost My Phone … at the Eclipse


To use a sports analogy. Seeing a 96% solar eclipse is like watching your favorite team in the playoffs on TV--exciting and fun and can be social but probably not something you'll remember in 20 years.

Seeing a total eclipse (with few to no clouds) is being at the championship game in person with good seats and watching them win.

Andrew Soucier

I’m trying to be happy for everyone else, but it was kind of depressing here. We had 4 minutes of totality behind very thick clouds. So it got dark and that was it.

Elaine V

We were only 94% too. But it was fun to have a shared experience and amazing to experience shadow (when was the last time you celebrated shadow - Peter Pan?). To prevent neck ache, you can just lay on your back . My kids' school had all the kids lay out on the lawn, put on their glasses, and look up - it was like a 600 people nap time with a sky show.

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