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Welcome to Choppke’s, Your Wich Is My Command

A couple of years ago, frustrated by a takeout Italian sandwich with unevenly distributed fillings, I had a wonderful, life-changing idea: chopped sandwiches. It’s like what you get at those chopped salad places but instead of chopping up all the ingredients and putting them into a bowl, you put them between two slices of bread or in a hoagie roll or whatever. That way, you get all of the elements of the sandwich — cheese, tomato, lettuce, dressing/mayo, onion, whatever — in every single bite. Yum.

Chopwiches already exist — tuna salad, Philly cheesesteaks, chicken salad, egg salad — and they’re amazing because you get all of their deliciousness in every bite. I just wanted to extend that enjoyment to many other types of sandwich: banh mi, BLT, Italian sub, gyro, turkey club, and even the humble ham and cheese. Great idea, right? I wanted to open a chopped sandwich restaurant and change the world.

Then I made a mistake: I told people about my idea. And every single one of them laughed at me. To my face! My friends, my kids, everyone. It was a heartbreaking moment but as an entrepreneur, I knew I had to persist and follow my dream. Like Wayne Gretzky said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” And I was going to win.

But the whole thing became a joke for awhile and I had to play along, biding my time. My friend Caroline came up with a name: Choppke’s. We brainstormed slogans and things the sandwich artists could say to patrons:

  • Choppke’s. You’ll Love It to Bits.
  • Welcome to Choppke’s, your wich is my command.
  • As you wich. [In response to any customer query.]
  • Welcome to Choppke’s! What can I get chopping for you today?

I asked ChatGPT to come up with a logo; this was my favorite one:

a logo for Choppke's

When (not if!) Choppke’s gets huge, there’s gonna be a corporate jet, so I wanted to see what that was going to look like:

a large jet airplane with a Choppke's logo on it

Caroline got me a custom-made hat for my birthday (actual hat and actual dopey human wearing it, not AI-generated):

Jason wearing a Choppke's hat

Ever so slowly, I was winning her over, despite every fiber of her being telling her that a chopped sandwich restaurant was the stupidest idea she’d ever heard and causing her to question the entire basis of our relationship. And if I could get one person on my side, a person who thought I was an idiot, the rest of the world would surely follow. Ideas + persistence = manifesting your reality.

I think it was the legendary management guru Michael Scott (quoting IBM founder Steve Jobs) who said “skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”. Well, my long chopped sandwich skate has finally paid off — the puck is here! According to The Takeout, the chopped sandwich is all the rage on TikTok!

If you enjoy a good chopped salad, the kind where every component (veggies, cheese, protein) is chopped into uniformly forkable bites and then tossed in dressing, you’re halfway to a chopped salad sandwich, sometimes just referred to as a chopped sandwich. It’s simply any version of that same salad, just stuffed into a hinge-cut roll. The shape of the roll is crucial, as it prevents all the fillings from falling out the sides.

Yes, exactly. Wow. I’ve never felt so seen. What’s that smell? No, not a delicious chopped sandwich…it’s the sweet smell of V-I-N-D-I-C-A-T-I-O-N.

Nearly any filling is a candidate for a chopped salad sandwich, and that’s the part that appeals most to TikTok users. Beyond the go-to Italian sub, you can create chopped salad sandwiches that contain Vietnamese banh mi ingredients, wedge salads, Caesar salads, whatever your heart desires. And that versatility means it’s a goldmine for social media content.

A goldmine! You’re goddamn right it’s a goldmine! The time is right, the market is PRIMED, Gen Z is on board, it’s now or never. We’re gonna do it, Choppke’s is a go!

Now, just to properly calibrate expectations, I haven’t looked at any commercial real estate nor have I made a single chopped sandwich of any kind at home to test out whether they actually taste better or not because I just know they will. What I do have is the idea (which is amazing, as we’ve agreed), a janky misspelled AI logo, and a dream.

Right now, you’re probably wondering how you can help, how you can climb aboard this rocket ship, how you can secure a place in a better future for us all. Well, I’m happy to announce that you can join the movement for better, tastier sandwiches today by zhuzhing yourself up with an exclusive Choppke’s t-shirt!

a handsomer man than Jason wearing a Choppke's tshirt

All proceeds from shirt sales will be pumped into developing the Choppke’s franchise (or, if that doesn’t work out, buying myself sandwiches from the local deli). Thanks for the support everyone — even though I could have done it without you, I definitely couldn’t have done it without you.

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Chris Frampton

"I'll be your visionary. You do the things I come up with."

p.s. Ordered

Lorem Ipsum

@jacksdiningroom at Farmer in the Deli, Brooklyn on Tik Tok

Lately, the internet has been serving me up posts about the Farmer in the Deli store in Brooklyn, which serves a chopped sandwich, and cooking videos for chopped Italian subs. This must be a sign of the coming chopped sandwich convergence. Move aside, salted caramel, acai, pomegranate, and charcuterie. There's a new food trend a-comin'!

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Joe Holmes

This is genius.

Jason KottkeMOD

We're all just going to pretend that you didn't post this and I didn't see it. First!

Seth Engelhard

Oooh- I love dos hermanos

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Myles Grant

*checks calendar*

Caroline G.

Oh, I can assure you that Jason's passion for the idea of chopped sandwiches is very, very real.

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Eric Costello

How does it almost say osil8 in the top left??

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Oh my god

Greg Knauss

Take a chopped sandwich, julianne it, and — boom — now you’ve got a chopped sandwich salad.

Put _that_ on a roll, and what do you have? Probabaly too much bread.

Joe VanDeventer

I think it was the legendary management guru Michael Scott (quoting IBM founder Steve Jobs)

You jest, but the first CEO of Apple was… Michael Scott.

Joe VanDeventer

Although I just thought about this comment again and in retrospect I probably shouldn't even be trying to drop vintage computing trivia on a guy who was on Halt & Catch Fire

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Josh Schoenwald

You just made every salad better. And I can't wait to try this on like an Italian sandwich. Choppke's FTW.

Dan Lowrie

Don’t Be the Best. Be the Only.

Ben Timberlake

Loved this post. I too checked the calendar, but this level of irreverence works any day of the year.


More posts like this, please!

Chris Brakebill

My wife made chopped Italians recently and it was fantastic 👌

Paul Josey

This is all so good but that Choppke's plane really seals it

Collin Foster-Lawson

This post was so weird and joyful, thank you ❤️

Tim CarmodyMOD

I feel like I saw this once in an unappetizing TikTok

Nicolas Magand

Now that is some BS (bite-sized) sandwich idea! If anything, I'm now waiting for a small recipe book. It reminds me of the concept of the "Maultaschen geschnitten" dumplings that can be found in German supermarkets.


Love this post. And, so very tempted to buy that shirt just because it says "choped" which I think is just perfect

Joshua Neds-Fox

It's the one P in "choped" and the two Ps in "Choppke's" that does it for me. Just, P anarchy.

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Mike Garrett

Just curious, how much of this post was generated by AI? Just the pictures?

Jason KottkeMOD

Hahaha. Just those two photos. I should share some of the logo and sandwich outtakes at some point.

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Chuck Loesner

If there was a little model plane with the logo, I'd have ordered one of those too.

Phil Wells

A PB+J is fundamentally a chopwich. Or, said another way, a PPB+J is FUNdamentally a Choppke.

Bill Amstutz

Brilliant for a Banh Mi where only half the bites include the cucumber.

Jason KottkeMOD

Yes, exactly! You're picking up what I'm putting down here.

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Drew McManus

I’m so hungry now.

Jason KottkeMOD

I can't believe people are actually ordering shirts! 💞 If I ever see someone wearing one of these in public, I'm probably gonna pull a Leo on them (hug included).

Craig Mod


Jason W

F'n fantastic 😍

Joshua Gooden

I just want to give a shoutout to the cupcake photo for answering what, for me, has been THE central question of since its inception: What would Jason look like with a soul patch?

Nancy Friedman

Love the name, love the tagline ideas. (And I develop names and taglines for a living!) Love the T-shirt! Get on it, Jason. Chop chop.

Jenni Leder

Chopped sandwich is brilliant. I could even see a custom pocket shaped bread for it so the chopped bits stay put. Sourdough pocket bread sounds yummy.

Jessica Lelinski
John Skelton

We hope to grow your business and open a franchise in Korea.

Andre Torrez

I can’t believe I missed this the first time around. I love it! Here’s where I drop my restaurant idea (you can’t steal it, I already mailed it to myself via USPS in a sealed envelope):


Yes, you no longer have to decide on just one meal during your visit. You can buy a spoon of anything on the menu! We will bring out a tray of heated spoons that have been scooped into whichever menu item you wish. Want some lobster bisque? Order a spoon of it! Want some mac & cheese? Get a spoon of that. Did you like it? Order two more spoons!

And best of all: dessert!

Jason KottkeMOD

Andre, I love this idea. It's Thomas Keller's culinary law of diminishing returns, taken to its natural conclusion:

Our whole menu is based on the law of diminishing returns. The most compelling portion of a dish is in the first three or four bites. With the first bite you're getting into it, by the second bite you start to realize it, and it is at the third or fourth bites you get the maximum appreciation and pleasure from that dish...and you keep eating because of that memory of it being really extraordinary. But was it as good [at the end] as it was at that second, third or fourth bite? No.

Chris B

Fantastic idea!

Jason KottkeMOD

Or I guess, girl dinner taken to its natural conclusion.

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Chris B

I find it curious that you have a passion for the idea of the chopped sandwich, but apparently much less passion to actually eat one! Or have you been eating them? (I think it's a fantastic idea, by the way).

Jo Ma

Rather than hinge cut, which could lead to disaster with the chopped ingredients if the hinge breaks, would you consider a mid cut with some scooping to allow the chopped items to be more securely nestled?
Examples here:

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