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Siblings Step Dancing and Roller Skating

“Brothers dancing in sync” (above and below) is turning out to be my favorite video genre of 2024 so far. (Thanks, Instagram algorithms.) Both these duos — the Irish Gardiner Brothers and the Delaware-based Griffin Brothers — have been around for years, so they may be old news to many readers, but they only came to my attention recently. I played a bunch of Gardiner Brothers videos (and beyond; Riverdance still rules) for my family a few weeks ago, hoping to plant seeds of Irish dance-interest in my daughters’ hearts and brains. There’s also a roller skating rink not too far away from where we live…

Speaking of forcing encouraging my family to participate in group performance, it’s probably too late for us to meaningfully emulate Natalie MacMaster and her dancing/fiddling family, but I can still watch this one particular video every few years.

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formal request for drawing of ur 2 babies irish jigging

Ben Timberlake

As you point out, it's no secret that Cape Breton and Celtic music in general is full of family connections and bands, but an unexpected musical crossover I came upon recently was when reading Grammy coverage, including of indie band Alvvays frontwoman Molly Rankin, coincidentally *while listening to* a reel (I soon learned) named for her by her father, John Morris Rankin, formerly of The Rankin Family (who have collaborated with Natalie MacMaster many times as both a group and individually).

Good audio-only version of that tune:

The Rankin Family back in the '90s:

Edith ZimmermanMOD

That second video blew me away. Thank you.

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Ron Coleman

The Griffin Brothers remind me of some of the (truly excellent) mashups over at Eggs.Tyrone:, specifically this one:

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Ok these are freaking delightful. The MGMT one was also unexpectedly moving. Thank you.

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Louise Hornor

Oo, thanks for the tip on the Griffin Brothers! I've been enjoying the Gardiners for a while, but YouTube hasn't served me the Griffins.

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