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Dr. Becky on the Huberman Lab Podcast

Here’s some parenting content on which I clicked quickly: neuroscientist Andrew Huberman interviewing parenting author and psychologist Becky Kennedy (a.k.a. DrBeckyatGoodInside). In the three-hour episode, they…

explain how to respond to emotional outbursts, rudeness, [and] entitlement, and how to repair fractured relationships, build self-confidence, and improve interpersonal connections with empathy, while also maintaining healthy boundaries.

Sign me up! There’s nothing I need more right now. Here’s a snippet on Instagram, about confidence.

Pairs well with a new Atlantic article investigating whether Montessori teaching is as much of a “prescription for idyllic family life” as social media can make it out to be. (Short answer: Not necessarily, but it offers a pretty good set of tools.) I also learned that the reason so many kids’ toys on Amazon are labeled as “Montessori” is in part because the name was never trademarked.

Meanwhile, The Marginalian resurfaced an old post featuring some of Mr. Rogers’ parenting advice, and while it’s not exactly actionable, it’s still comforting (“we always cared and always tried to do our best”). Can you tell I have a toddler at home?

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three-hour podcast .....

Edith ZimmermanMOD

What else would someone be doing with their time?

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Samantha Bloom

This is interesting because both of these speakers have a sort of cult-leader vibe/way of speaking/community going.

Jack Hays

I wonder if Huberman just brings this out in people, but I find her so relatable and down to earth on her Instagram! Her book and general advice have been so helpful as a parent.

Samantha Bloom

I like her advice too, but she has a very distinctive speaking style and intensity.

I haven't listened to this interview yet but I will check it out!

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Jack Hays

Love Dr. Becky in our house. As the parent of a deeply emotional child, her stories and research have been so helpful in 1) understanding our kid better and supporting him and 2) not feeling like we're crazy and/or bad parents!

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Me too

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Colter Mccorkindale

+1 for Dr. Becky. Since we've been reading and following her stuff, my wife and I have been getting some good results. I just wish parenting didn't feel like a psych experiment quite so often.

Jenni Leder

My kid’s therapist has a similar style to Dr. Becky, and has given us some parental coaching (which is fantastic). It’s helped me understand and react in a MUCH better way. (Also have a “deep feeling kid”)

Michael A Hostetler

Never heard of Dr Becky until a couple of weeks ago when she was on an ep of The Knowledge Project (my favorite podcast). This is only 2 hours long

Michael A Hostetler

Forgot to say.. it’s fantastic. I had a lot of takeaways

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Collin Foster-Lawson

Dr. Becky's definition of a boundary (Something you say you will do, that doesn't require the other person to do anything) was a revelation to me and my parenting.

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