The 25 Best Films of 2023: A Video Countdown

posted by Jason Kottke Jan 08, 2024

I always look forward to David Ehrlich’s annual love letter to cinema and his favorite films of the year. So put this thing on the biggest screen you can find, slap on some headphones, and get ready to put a bunch of excellent films on your must-watch list. This year in conjunction with the video, Ehrlich is raising money for the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

You can also watch this video on YouTube and past countdowns on his website.

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Joshua Neds-Fox
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This year's countdown synthesizes some of the experiments introduced last year (using aspects of a single film to punctuate/thread the whole video; bad-lip-syncing the music to a carefully chosen edit; stringing a series of shots to suggest cause and effect) into something far more cohesive. I always come away from these videos feeling like these 25 films must be kinetic masterpieces. And every year there are moments of real genius: the "baby baby baby" sequence, the brilliant use of the Smiths' "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" to underscore the theme of three different films in turn, and especially the long repeated coda of the song; using every single part of "I'm Just Ken" like it was a whole cow. David's yearly essay rekindled my love/appetite for movies after the long, repetitive, animated desert of raising kids. Thanks for introducing us to it.

Jason KottkeMOD

The "baby, baby, baby" thing was brilliant; I laughed out loud when it happened.

Joshua Neds-Fox

And Godzilla singing. And the intermission.

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Sam Barnum

The intermission had me cracking up. The Lenny's passionate conducting of the doofy Mario theme, which then seamlessly cutting to "I'm Just Ken" in perfect tune… just masterful!

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