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Perfect Friday Thing: Emoji Kitchen

Ok, if you haven’t seen this before (or even if you have), I need to warn you that Emoji Kitchen is just a little bit addictive. They’re mashup apps for making new emoji like these:

a variety of emojis created from exisitng emojis

Curiously, the eggplant seems to be missing from both kitchens… 🤔

Update: I switched the Emoji Kitchen link to the proper URL at Google. From Jennifer Daniel:

Sadly, the site you link to about emoji kitchen (.dev) is not mine. This developer has taken my artwork without permission 😐 and worse, hosts a repo so others can steal it too

Here’s more from Daniel about the project.

Discussion  4 comments

Jenni Leder

Jennifer Daniel posts about the updates to this pretty often on her Instagram and her newsletter. (But her newsletter is on Substack currently, so I wont link to it).

Andy Baio

Last I heard, these sites used their emoji illustrations without permission and Jennifer wasn’t very happy about it. Curious if that ever changed.

Andy Baio

I just asked Jennifer and she confirmed that, no, they don't have permission to use the Emoji Kitchen illustrations. Both Emoji Supply and hotlink their images from the Google CDN used for Android's GBoard. No copyright intended! 🫠

Don Partlan

I've hated emoji's up until this post. My current favorite is litter bin + red heart.

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