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Edith’s Best Running Gear of 2020-2023

I appreciate Wirecutter’s “Best Running Gear of 2023” post — likewise their “Cold-Weather Running” recs.

For what it’s worth, the best running items I own are Asics shoes, Lululemon bras, inexpensive Saucony socks, a light Champion vest, cheap Amazon shorts that apparently no longer exist (Baleaf), a nice Ciele running hat (in a color combo that’s no longer available, but this one comes close), and nice Tracksmith pullovers. Also a FlipBelt, for phone-carrying; the Strava app; and The Half Marathoner (newsletter), for personal stories and cool running-related links.

The items that give me the most pleasure are silly mermaid-print leggings, bright Janji artist-collaboration shorts, and colorful Tracksmith shorts (on sale in a color combo that’s no longer available — marigold orange with flame-red fluting).

I was also tempted by Oiselle’s bridal line, but it was not to be, and I see that they are no longer offering it.

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Kelly Mcclain

As a runner who started late in life and large in size, finding gear that gives you comfort is critical. It provides you with more room to deal with the inevitable discomforts of running. There are such great fabrics that you can be comfortable in anything but the most extreme climates. Also, I cannot run without sunglasses and love Goodrs. They never slip off, are very comfortable and are inexpensive.

Caroline G.

LOVE Goodrs.

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Matt S

It's so great to be running at a time when there are so many high quality options for gear for everyone. I'm a huge fan of Injinji toe socks, their form fits my feet well and I never get blisters. Comfy running starts with comfy feet!

Mike F.

Having tried many of the models and price points of MANY shoes, the Asics Nimbus have emerged #1 for me. Biggest thing that got me into Asics was the available 4E width in a top-quality running shoe. You don't get all of the design / color options as the "normal" sizes, but whatever - they all look like dirty ol' runners within a couple weeks regardless.

My favourite new running item of the past few years, though, is OxyClean in the washing machine with the running clothes. Seems that no matter what new-fangled "odor-free" technology these synthetics have, it doesn't take too long before they have the perma-stink. Put them on fresh out of the laundry machines and within 10minutes you stink.
OxyClean in the wash fixes that issue better than anything else I've tried (and there's been many).

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