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Diary Comics, Nov. 13-15

Final installment of this sampling from my journal! I’m not sure if it was a success, but it was interesting for me. Thank you for humoring!

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Caroline G.

Write a book of these wonderful comics!

Also, I can't be the only person who is curious about your comics from the past two weeks of posting at Too meta?

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Ha! I definitely have them... Maybe Jason will have me back someday! Or maybe I can put them in a newsletter. Regardless, thank you for reading!

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I've thoroughly enjoyed your POV and witty comics. I've shown them to my writing-adverse tween (who likes graphic novels) to encourage her to add sketches to her daily journaling assignments. She quickly grabbed her iPad pen to write last night's prompt. Thank you for being here!

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Wow, that makes my day! Thanks, Isah!

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Ben Gates

I have really enjoyed your diary comics. I have 2-and-4 year-old kids, and really relate to a lot of your thoughts/feelings/scenarios related to parenthood. Thank you for sharing them!

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Thank you, Ben! Iโ€™m so glad to hear this :)

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