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Another Knitting Post: The Pengweeno Cardigan


This is a recommendation for the pattern to the delightful Pengweeno children’s cardigan, by Stephen West. I’ve made three of them — this post is probably/definitely just an excuse to share these photos — and hope to make more.


It’s a good way to use up spare yarn, and the result is supremely cute and satisfying. There’s also an adult version — the Penguono — but for whatever reason only the Pengweeno speaks to me. (Here’s Stephen West on Ravelry, Instagram, and his website.)


Previously: Traditional Maine Mittens. I have to cram as much knitting content as I can onto this blog before Jason comes back!

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Mary Wallace

This looks like a perfect kiddie sweater. I think that's about the limit of how much seed stitch a project should have. There's no way I'd consider the adult version. Is there any advantage to making the short-sleeved version instead of long sleeves?
I've made a couple of Elizabeth Zimmerman's surprise jackets, but then didn't give them away because I don't have kids and wasn't sure if the proportions were right. Seeing this sweater makes me think they're probably OK. I should dig them out and sew up the seams. And then find a baby that looks good in green and blue.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

I made a Surprise jacket for my daughter, and it fit her as a newborn and would still fit her now, at 2. It’s very forgiving/generous. I bet yours would be perfect for any lucky baby!

As for the Pengweeno sleeves, that was just the size recommended and I think it ends up being like elbow-length for both the newborn and the toddler. My daughter has a tendency to bite the yarn and pull on it ☹️ so the shorter sleeves do somewhat help with that.

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