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Since I’m here I might as well beat the drum about an opinion I had five years ago and maintain to this day: “Why Would Any Man Not Want to Be Bald?

Discussion  6 comments

Eamon Daly

Sunburns and sweat.

Mac Brown

I have often told people that I would not go back to a full head of hair if I could - why put up with all of that bother?

John Delaney

I have a few ugly cysts on my head. :(

Jeremy Wallace

Starting a petition to keep Edith here forever and crown her queen.

Logan Sholar

My friend (who is bald) told me one time many years ago that his dad (who was bald) told him that being bald was a sign of having too much testosterone so, in fact, he (and all bald men, I guess) were actually solar-powered sex machines. Now every time I see a bald guy in the wild, I have to picture that...situation. Cursed, until I myself go bald.

Wayne Bremser

LOL @ "I know we’re all different, but honestly why would anyone have any other opinion on this topic?"

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