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“She has set her ego aside in exchange for something bigger and better.” This is maybe a little out there, but a couple years ago I bought a session with a hypnotherapist (or, a subconscious success coach). I wanted to make money through my newsletter but felt weird about it and wondered if something psychological might be getting in the way. I don’t know if there was or not, and I am not here to recommend hypnotherapy. However I have remained on the hypnotherapist’s email newsletter, and the above was a single line from one of her recent “Two-Minute Transformation” emails. I might have just been in the right zone to receive it, and/or it might need more context, but it helped me see that much of what I fear is simply having my ego dented, which made it easier to imagine a path forward. Her name is Gaby Abrams.

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Michel Persitz

"Two minute Transformation" and "Rapid Transformational Therapy" ? Are you serious ? I know life is short but why are they in such a hurry in Florida ?
"Festina lente" ("more haste, less speed") was the wise advice and motto of several Greek and Roman emperors and entrepreneurs... Two minute therapy ? Not for me.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Florida, lol.

To be fair, I think it's supposed to be the amount of time it takes to read the email. The transformation is what happens afterward if it sinks in and makes a difference. But then again, some transformations do happen fast. I can attest!

Joe VanDeventer

I feel like you buried the lede - how did the hypnotherapy go? I'm genuinely curious about the experience!

Edith ZimmermanMOD

It was good? I'm not sure the quick answer.

Overall it was interesting enough that I'm glad I did it, but it didn't do what I wanted it to do. But I wonder if that was because I wasn't asking for the right thing. I don't really know.

I drew a comic about it at the time, if you're interested:

Edith ZimmermanMOD

And thanks for asking, by the way!

Joe VanDeventer

That was great! And exactly what I was wondering - I'm usually skeptical of any self help practice with, like, one weird trick that can fix this big aspect of your personality, but seeing what people find and take from it is always the cool and interesting and useful thing. "This is going to work, and even if it doesn't work, it's working" is totally it. :)

(Also thanks for your work on the blog the past few days! It's been super fun, and different in exactly the right way.)

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Thank you, Joe! And thanks for your kind words about the blog. It's been thrilling and stressful, legit changing my life right now I think. I'll be here for like ... 10 more days, so I hope my stuff doesn't become too grating! It's funny, I used to be so in tune with the internet for finding cool new stuff, and it's kinda crazy to realize how different my life is now. I'm very grateful to Jason for inviting me to do this.

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