Portrait Candles

For my husband’s birthday, I got him a candle sculpted to look like us, by the artist Janie Korn. It’s brought a lot of joy. She also makes custom pet and house candles, as well as cookie, cigarette, and Marie Antoinette candles, among many others. [Janie Korn]

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Sean Loiselle

For our wedding, my wife's best friends got us a sculpture in the style of a traditional cake topper, albeit much larger. The sculpture's meant to look like us––and one of the people looks like me, but the other looks like a generic Caucasian brunette which, ironically, is how my wife describes her own appearance. Truly a hilarious and priceless piece of art we'll cherish forever. This is also just to say that any sort of little effigy of people you love makes an unexpectedly great gift.

Maybe we're due for a candle to see if we can get something that looks more like us.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Ha! I love this. Sometimes it's better when it's bad...

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