The Year in Clouds 2019

posted by Jason Kottke   Dec 20, 2019

Clouds 2019

Clouds 2019

The NY Times shares a selection of cloud photos taken by members of the Cloud Appreciation Society. The photos above are by Rod Jones & Jeanette Brown.

Clouds, their manifesto says, are not signs of negativity and gloom, but rather "nature's poetry" and "the most egalitarian of her displays."

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I'm a bit of a cloud nerd myself (e.g. see my Sun & Clouds Story). My favorite cloud pic I took last year (and perhaps even of all time) is this shot of some cumulonimbus mammatus clouds at sunset after a thunderstorm.

Clouds 2019

That was a surreally beautiful evening and I felt lucky to have witnessed it. (thx, michelle)