The quirky coif comedy of Wobble Palace

posted by Chrysanthe Tenentes   Oct 26, 2018

For fans of High Maintenance (don’t miss the original HM web series), Broad City (the final season starts in January), and Strangers (a remarkably good show somehow on Facebook): Wobble Palace is streaming now.

The filmmakers behind Wobble Palace, Eugene Kotlyarenko and Dasha Nekrasova, spoke about the esoteric reverse romantic comedy:

One of the influences on this fractured narrative was the 1956 Japanese novel The Key, by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki. “It’s a book where a couple each keep different diaries and the chapters go back and forth between their diaries,” explains Kotlyarenko. “At a certain point, they realize that the other person is breaking into their drawer and reading their diary so they start writing performatively for the other person and it starts destabilizing what is reliable narrative.” Kotlyarenko and Nekrasova mention a few other works that offered some inspiration — La Bon Année (1973) by Claude LeLouch, they say, influenced their film’s ending and Immoral Tales (1973) influenced a masturbation scene.