A chronology of computers from 1938-1988

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 12, 2012

From Ptak Science Books, a list of every different kind of computer ever made. Ok, I’m sure not every single kind of computer ever made is on there (the list only goes to 1988 for one thing), but it is a very extensive list. Some highlights:

Zuse, Z1, Germany, 1938
Bletchley, Colossus Mark I, Great Britain, 1943
Moore School, ENIAC, United States, 1947
IBM, 360, 30, USA, 1965
Intel, 8080, USA, 1974
Cray, Cray-1, USA, 1976
DEC, PDP-11, 34, 1977
Apple, Apple II, USA, 1977
IBM, PC, AT (and clones), 1984
Apple, Macintosh, USA, 1984