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3-D printer for manufacturing human tissue and organs

posted by Jason Kottke   Feb 23, 2010

A pair of companies have developed a bio-printer that works just like a regular 3-D printer but instead of using polymer, it uses human tissue to print out skin, blood vessels, and livers.

To start with, only simple tissues, such as skin, muscle and short stretches of blood vessels, will be made, says Keith Murphy, Organovo’s chief executive, and these will be for research purposes. Mr Murphy says, however, that the company expects that within five years, once clinical trials are complete, the printers will produce blood vessels for use as grafts in bypass surgery. With more research it should be possible to produce bigger, more complex body parts. Because the machines have the ability to make branched tubes, the technology could, for example, be used to create the networks of blood vessels needed to sustain larger printed organs, like kidneys, livers and hearts.

(via @bobulate)