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Super Bowl commercials: the movie trailers

My favorite ads during the Super Bowl broadcast are the movie trailers. Here are the trailers they showed this year:

Transformers 2 (Electric Bugaloo.)
Race to Witch Mountain (The Rock + alien kids.)
Up (New Pixar flick.)
Star Trek (JJ Abrams.)
Land of the Lost (No more Will Ferrell, please.)
Year One (No more Jack Black either. Michael Cera, your clock is ticking.)
Angels and Demons (Hanks/Howard follow-up to DaVinci Code’s prequel book.)
Monsters vs Aliens (Kids like aliens. Kids like monsters. Why not give ‘em both at once?)
Fast and Furious (It’s the first film, minus two thes.)
GI Joe

With the exception of the two animated films and Year One, all of the above are either sequels or remakes. And Hulu, in a stroke of highly irritating genius, has inserted advertising before each of the trailers linked above. Advertising *in* advertising…the 20th century has officially ended. Welcome to the future.

Update: I’ve switched out the Hulu links for ones at Apple; they’re higher quality and can be seen outside of the US. I wish the Apple trailers would have been live last night; it would have made for a lot less whining in my inbox. I just go where the links take me, folks. Oh, and I added the GI Joe trailer. (thx, david)