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Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet 2008

Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet 2008 is a newspaper compiled and printed by a pair of fellows from the UK that is just that…a bunch of stuff that they liked reading on the web last year. I *love* this. And hate it (a little bit).

The hate part first. TOFHWOTI is almost precisely the thing I’ve been wanting to do for years now…take the very best of the best links of the year and bundle them up into a printed artifact of some sort. So seeing it done first and so expertly was a bit of a punch in the nose. Of course, ideas are so cheap and plentiful these days that “I thought of it first” has no value without follow through, something that my schedule for the past few years hasn’t allowed for. This year, *for sure*, dammit! (I’m also pissed that I didn’t get around to ordering a copy for myself until this morning and found that they’re all sold out! Gah! Like I said, no time.)

But damn, is that thing beautiful or what? You don’t even need the physical artifact to see that much. The simple but playful design is just right. Getting it printed super-cheap on newsprint fits nicely with the concept and content. All the little details are accounted for; I wouldn’t change a thing. More like this, please.