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Best show on TV ever?

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 09, 2008

Just for fun, I whipped up a little poll based on the best show(s) on TV post the other day:

What’s the best show that’s ever been on television?

There are around 30 shows on the list; please consider all the options before choosing.

Production notes: My methodology can be described as “half-assed”. I consulted a number of “best of” lists in choosing the shows — not just the ones listed in yesterday’s post — and excluded some currently airing shows on which the jury is still out (e.g. 30 Rock, Mad Men) for lack of sufficient evidence. No miniseries allowed, episodic only. My feeling is that there are still too many show on the list (there are four or maybe five real choices) but I wanted to give people options. Also, unless the list is missing something *very* obvious, I’m not looking for additions so don’t even think about Cmd-N’ing that mail message.