HD retouching

posted by Jason Kottke   May 14, 2008

Related to yesterday’s post about photo retouching is this article about how challenging high definition is to makeup artists and actors alike (via house next door) .

John Toll is an Academy Award-winning cinematographer who has had limited exposure to HD photography, but who understands the impact of it on the business. “Film tends to be more kind,” he said. “Now with HD, they’re doing things like more filtration, or softening of the light, or degrading the image so it’s not so highly defined. It’s sort of what they used to do in movie star close-ups, an over-diffused style to try to make them look glamorous. Now they do it so you don’t see every pore in a close-up on skin.”

Also related, James Danziger weighs in on the Dove/Dangin/Leibovitz controversy the latter of whom is represented by Danziger’s gallery.

Any photograph used in a magazine, a billboard, an album cover, whatever — can only be presumed to be a photo-based illustration. The issue, which Dove’s well-intentioned campaign addressed, is the effect these illustrations have on the psyche, self-esteem, and well-being of women (in particular) not to mention the unrealistic view men might have of women. It brings to mind the shock the eminent Victorian art critic John Ruskin experienced upon discovering his wife’s pubic hair, after which he was unable to consummate the marriage. Divorce followed shortly.