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An interview with Robin Wilson, the thoughtful

An interview with Robin Wilson, the thoughtful frontman of the Gin Blossoms.

It’s very frustrating to me that most people don’t know [that the Gin Blossoms are still together]. We’re still very fortunate that we have a career and that we can make a good living playing our music. And we’ve got thirty-something-thousand MySpace friends, which is a great number. But, you know, I hang out with these young bands, like this group from Pittsburgh called Punchline-they’re friends of mine-and they’ve got seventy-five thousand MySpace friends. What it works out to, basically, is however many MySpace friends you have: that’s about how many records you can sell-at least…on your own.

And so, right now, with the way things are changing-record stores across the country are closing, CD sales are down, digital downloads are up. You don’t necessarily need a record company to sell. We don’t need a record company to sell our music to those thirty thousand people. We can do it directly. And thirty thousand people are more than enough to support our records and to keep our career going.