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Is that upcoming Judd Apatow produced/written/

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 24, 2008

Is that upcoming Judd Apatow produced/written/directed/presented by/executive produced movie going to be any good? Use this handy scoring system to find out.

Drillbit Taylor is written by Apatow acolyte Seth Rogen (3), but directed by Steven Brill, the auteur behind Little Nicky (-2). It stars Owen Wilson (-1) and is sadly free of Apatow’s repertory company of comedians, though Leslie Mann does play a supporting role (1). As far as we know, it contains no wangs, no seasoned dramatic actress, and no McLovin. It should score about a 1, which is to say it will be slightly better than Anchorman.

The Anchorman Is Not As Funny As You Remember sidebar is spot on as well. Will Ferrell needs to rethink his shit.