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Too Soon/Not Too Soon

I had to go uptown to interview some people this afternoon and Laurie Anderson’s “Live in New York” came on the headphones on the way, which made me think about “Cloverfield” and 9/11 and “too soon” again. “Live in New York” was recorded at Town Hall on September 19 and 20, 2001. Is it in my mind, or does she sound uncomfortable singing “I feel like I am in a burning building and I gotta go” on “Let X=X” (iTunes link)? Nexis doesn’t deliver any useful accounts of the concert—just a review from Newsday which is appreciative but not very descriptive. (Also, though, now we know that the name “Laurie Anderson” has appeared in the New York Times an astonishing 799 times, and, yes, nearly all of them are her.) Also I’m not convinced she doesn’t get choked up during (iTunes link ahoy) “Slip Away.” (“What’s this? A little dust in my eye.”) Anyway, somehow that wasn’t too soon.