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Internet pissed at Mythbusters for not showing airplane on a treadmill

According to their web site and TV Guide, last night’s episode of Mythbusters was supposed to address the airplane on a treadmill question. They didn’t and nerds everywhere are upset. According to an email from the executive producer of the show, the segment got rescheduled:

First up, for those concerned that this story has been cancelled, don’t worry, planes on a conveyer belt has been filmed, is spectacular, and will be part of what us Mythbusters refer to as ‘episode 97’. Currently that is due to air on January 30th.

Secondly, for those very aggrieved fans feeling “duped” into watching tonight’s show, I can only apologise. I’m not sure why the listings / internet advertised that tonight’s show contained POCB. I will endeavour to find out an answer but for those conspiracy theorists amongst you, I can assure you that it will have just been an honest mistake.

Not sure that’s going to quench the nerdfury, but I’m glad the piece will air in January.