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Wall-E update

Wall-E is Pixar’s next movie, to be released in June 2008. A new teaser trailer is due to be released today at 8pm ET, although a French site has jumped the gun and is displaying it now (much better HD version). Does it make sense even if you don’t speak French? Yes, because the movie isn’t going to have any dialogue. Says director Andrew Stanton: “I’m basically making R2-D2: The Movie”. At least it’s not in Aramaic. And talkies are overrated anyway, right?

Pixar has also launched a promotional web site for the film. The site was formerly just a placeholder but is now faux-corporate brochureware for Buy n Large, maker of the Wall-E robot. The site is full of ridiculous corporate-speak like “by visiting the Buy n Large web site you instantaneously relinquish all claims against the Buy n Large corporation and any of its vendors or strategic partners.” Check out the Nanc-E under Robotics/Robot Models for a chuckle. (thx, david)

Update: The English trailer is now available at Yahoo in HD (480p, 720p and 1080p).