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Apple = the new evil empire?

Apple’s market capitalization now exceeds that of Intel and IBM. The faithful are in a celebratory mood. But I predict that we’ll soon see an uptick in stories and blog posts asking some variation of the following question: “Now that Apple is 1) a huge company, 2) no longer a scrappy underdog, and 3) basically dominates an industry like, dare I say it, Microsoft, will those free-thinking Mac fanatics who desperately wanted the company to survive its lean years now turn on them because giant multinational corporations who use DRM and are in bed with the music and cellphone industries are evil?” This will likely be abbreviated: “Is Apple the new Microsoft?”

Answers will range from yes, no, maybe, it depends, you’re asking the wrong question, I love Apple so SHUT UP, and, from Anil, Microsoft was never that bad and Apple has always been rotten and thank God those fanatics finally woke up about it and I was right all along. And….go!