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The Wire

It’s difficult to talk about The Wire without wanting to reveal all sorts of plot details, character developments, and other spoilers, so instead I’ll tell you how excited I am about the season four premiere tonight on HBO. (It’s been available on HBO On Demand for a week or so now, but I’ve been out of the country so Meg and I are watching it tonight the old fashioned way: live.) Before we left for Austria, we burned through all 37 hours of the first three seasons in about four weeks, and in my opinion, The Wire is one of the very best television shows ever.

Despite being critically acclaimed, The Wire is also unfortunately one of HBO’s less appreciated shows audience-wise. So, a little plug: get the season one DVDs from Netflix (or Amazon), park your ass in front of the television, and watch it. All the seasons tend to start a little slow but stick with it and ye shall be rewarded. (I was almost bored watching the first 3-4 episodes of season three, but the the payoff in the later episodes…oh man.) Alright, get to it.