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No snakes, no planes

I made it! I can’t believe I did, but I hung in there, bucked the odds, gave 110%, and totally did it. From the blog post that kicked this whole crazy thing off to the premiere of the film this past weekend, I didn’t mention Snakes on a Plane a single time on this site. Neither did I make any ________ on a ________ jokes, see the movie on opening weekend, nor comment on any other site about it.

How did I achieve such a high level of cultural snobbery? It wasn’t easy, friends. Not reading MetaFilter helped certainly, as did looking down on reality television and those who watch it. I practiced conversational calisthenics in the mirror every night before bed: “Was that in the New Yorker or The Economist? Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t read People.”

In commemoration of this achievement, I’ve made celebratory badges to place proudly on the site (in regular and without swearing variations):

No Snakes On A Plane Badge No Snakes On A Plane Badge Bleeped

Feel free to display this badge on your web site if you also successfully avoided Snakes on a Plane. (Copy the images to your own server, please.) To those that succumbed to the temptation, fear not…the official web site has plenty of posters, wallpapers, audio clips, videos, IM icons, and screensavers for you to download.