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Follow-up to Apple Store proposal (she said yes!)

Last week, I reported on a man using the video camera that Apple had set up to record the opening of their new store on 5th Ave in NYC to propose marriage to his girlfriend, one Uschi Lang.

Apple Store Marry 03

I got an email from Uschi and she couldn’t be happier to announce that she said yes to the proposal and that her fiancΓ© James has made her “the happiest woman in the world”. Congratulations, you two!

Update: I emailed Uschi and James for some more details and just got a response back. James had been meaning to propose for a few months β€” he’d had “the talk” with her father over the holidays β€” and was looking for a good opportunity. They were both in line for the 6pm opening of the Apple Store on Friday when James noticed the camera and a proposal idea that was “unique, timeless, and surprising” popped into his head.

At 4:30 am, he snuck out of bed without Uschi noticing it and headed back to the Apple Store. Based on the timing of the time-lapse video already posted on Apple’s site, James stood with the signs for about 15 minutes (5 minutes per sign) to ensure that they were visible in the video.

A few days later, James set up a “romantic trail of candles” leading up to his G5, showed Uschi the video β€” which she had not seen despite some coverage on the web β€” and she of course said “yes”.