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The rest of the best (links)

In compiling the Best Links 2005 list, I initially chose over 100 links and then thought, that’s too many. These are the links that didn’t make that list but that I thought you might like to see anyway because they’re still pretty good.

Panic’s drag and drop shopping cart.

How to not get your bike stolen in New York City.

Stewart Butterfield on Flickr.

If you can’t afford bespoke… Suit options for men.

Paris through a pinhole. Some shots of Paris taken with a pinhole camera.

The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less.

Why Your Camera Does Not Matter. Maybe your gear matters less than how you use it.

A Vernacular Web.

CameraMail. Man sends a camera through the mail with instructions to take photos with it.

Don’t fuck with Ovid. Man helps capture thieves who stole his credit card.

Forensic types. Interview with type designers Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones.

A Coder in Courierland. A look at the world of bike couriers.

You Got To Cool It Down. The 30 least hot follow-ups to the 30 hottest things you can say to a naked woman.

Why it is hard to share the wealth. The science behind the super-rich in America.

McNugget Number.

UPS Store Sign. Irony.

Design Without Reach. Ghetto versions of Design Within Reach merchandise.

What do we know about tipping?

Tiger did it. Tiger’s amazing golf shot at Augusta.

Explicit Content Only… Editing the non-swears out of an NWA song.

The Omnivore. Jeffrey Steingarten learns to eat everything.

Everything You Thought You Knew About Grilling Is Wrong. How to grill.

The public choice economics of Star Wars: A Straussian reading.

Victoria Reynolds Artwork. Beautiful paintings of meat.

It’s Fun To Play at the YMCA. Comparing NBA players to those guys at the Y.

I hates Lucas! I hates it forever! Anti-George Lucas rant.

Balls Out. How to throw a no-hitter on acid, and other lessons from the career of baseball legend Dock Ellis.

How did Mad Hot Ballroom survive the copyright cartel?

The Blurb Racket. Exposing misquotes in movie ads.

Alternate covers for romance novels.

The All-New Sesame Street.

Age Maps. Two photographs of the same person from different periods of time are spliced together.

Bad to the Last Drop. On bottled water.

Why do McDonald’s customers order smaller Cokes at the drive-thru window?

Grim Meathook Future.

Not a Word. About intentional fake words in dictionaries.

Six Feet Under, 2001-2005

Being Poor

10 Reasons to Eat Local Food.

Redemption. The NY Yankees and redemption.

My Outsourced Life. A.J. Jacobs outsources his life to India.

Destination Florent. About a landmark NYC restaurant.

Lone Star Statements. One-star Amazon reviews of a list of the 100 best novels.

The Sad Tally. A graph of suicide locations from the Golden Gate Bridge.