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A day in the life of NYC taxisJul 15 2014

This clever and well-done visualization shows where individual NYC taxis picked up and dropped off their fares over the course of a day.

Day Life Taxi

Mesmerizing. Has anyone done analysis on which drivers are the most effective and what the data shows as the most effective techniques? The best drivers must have their tricks on where to be at which times to get the most fares. (via @dens)

NYC taxi flow infovizApr 05 2010

Nice timelapse map view of taxi traffic across Manhattan.

Taxi flow NYC

I've often wondered what an NYC version of Stamen's Cabspotting project would look like.

Cool Google Maps photo of the taxiSep 26 2005

Cool Google Maps photo of the taxi lot at JFK. (via new york hack)

Racial disparities in tipping taxi driversJul 18 2005

Racial disparities in tipping taxi drivers. African-American drivers were tipped 1/3 less than white drivers and African-American passengers tipped 50% less than white passengers.

Goofy looking taxi accidentJun 20 2005

Goofy looking taxi accident. I think this deserves a "whoopsie daisy".

Waiting for Fares, a photographic essay ofApr 28 2005

Waiting for Fares, a photographic essay of how NYC cab drivers spend their time waiting for someone to drive somewhere.

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