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The Bible Code debunked. While

The Bible Code debunked. While I’m glad that someone took the time to do a statistical analysis, anyone with a little knowledge of the scientific method and some common sense knew that the Bible Code idea was complete rubbish. If you want to find something bad enough, you’ll find it:

“It says the Pope is the devil if you take every 261st letter of Genesis, remove all the letters after G, fashion a tune out of it, and play it backwards on your turntable.”

There is a Bible code that does work….sorta. If you look at the 46th Psalm in the King James version of the Bible, the word “shake” is 46th word and the word “spear” is the 46th word from the end. There is some debate as to how that happened: some say that it was placed in there by Shakespeare himself while others say that it was placed there as a birthday present for his 46th birthday while others say that it’s just a coinicidence. Note: in the text of the Bible verse linked above, “spear” is actually the 47th word from the end.