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Cease and desist

I got my first cease and desist letter today. Sort of. Here’s the letter:


I am contacting you to let you know that the site:

is in violation of logo usage and copyright infringement and you could face legal litigation if the usage continues.

Thank you,

Matthew Barnes
Senior Multimedia Designer

This letter is really strange for two reasons:

a) It’s not from a lawyer. It’s from the “Senior Multimedia Designer” from a company called Rossroy Interactive. I guess this guy is cheaper than a lawyer. Of course, the lawyer might have realized that the Apple Dodge Neon page is a parody of both the Dodge Neon and the Apple iMac and is therefore probably protected under copyright laws.

b) It’s unclear what is wrong with the page. Is it the Dodge logo or the Apple one? I did some checking and Rossroy Interactive is in Michigan…making it a good bet that the Dodge logo is the one in question. It might have been nice of them to mention that.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be taking the page down right now. I’ve got a couple letters to write and some legal codes to pore over.