Dream time  JUL 29 1998

I wasn't going to update this thing until I had some significant time to reorganize some things and tell you about all the cool stuff that's been happening to me. But, I had a dream last night I just had to share.

"But Jason, this isn't a dream journal." Duh. However, I never, and I mean never, remember my dreams. But last night's I did. I was at a house, a typically suburban house, and I was being instructed by some family members to park my uncle's car when he arrived...a parallel park, just slightly up on the curb. Why up on the curb? I really don't know, but it had something to do with Lenny Briscoe (a detective from NBC's Law & Order) killing my uncle when he drove up. And then we went in the house, except that when we got inside, it wasn't a house at all...it was something else. What it was I don't remember.

The end.

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