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Everyone out of the closetAPR 29

Every time I've turned around in the last week, someone's coming out of the closet. It's silly really...why do people have to do this? I know why, but it's still silly. People are the way they are. That's it.

I've thought long and hard about my attraction towards men. There is none. And I've tried to see it, believe me. Leonardo DiCaprio might be the most attractive man on the face of the earth, but I really don't want to fuck him, much less kiss him or hold his hand. And I've accepted my heterosexuality. But no one cares...society expects me to be heterosexual. And no one should care about my friends' bisexuality or homosexuality.

People say I'm a bitter fuck...and I am most of the time...but I really do yearn for a world where people aren't judged by factors out of their control (skin color, sexual orientation, disability, etc.). It pisses me off.

New Beetle loveAPR 28

I think I'm in love with the new Beetle. Pretty stylin'. I might have to go test drive one of 'em one of these days.

Mouser.org is bornAPR 28

A new domain is born. And a new webcam.

First round of golfAPR 19

I played my first ever round of golf yesterday. Not bad, not bad at all. I sucked, of course, but I did manage to bogey the last hole.

Recursive backslappingAPR 13

OK, kids. All this birthday stuff has to quit. It's getting a little...oh...over the top. First it was The Fray. Then, it was Afterdinner. Now, Glassdog.

It was fun once, cute twice, but now it's kinda silly and on the verge of becoming obligatory.

Or maybe I just don't like it because no one will ever do anything like that for 0sil8. And no one should. Please, let's all stop the madness.

HTML: not dead yetAPR 12

People are going nuts with new interface technology. You've got sites out there like Gabocorp declaring the end of the HTML era and the beginning of the Flash era. The Smithsonian has an online art gallery with a cool little Java nav applet. And DHTML popups and nav applets are everywhere.

What of HTML? Plenty. The plain jane HTML well has not yet run dry. It's still the glue that holds the web together. People are doing fabulous new things with it every day. And I like it...better than all that other crap put together. So there.

First day of summerAPR 11

First real day of summer here. Rollerblading, grilling, and just plain lying around.

A colony of dead antsAPR 01

I also have a little colony of ants living in my bathroom. They're stealing poison from an ant trap at this very moment. They'll all be dead soon.

The Post-Feminist PlaygroundAPR 01

New stuff: The Digital Newlywed Game on The Post-Feminist Playground.

0sil8 won a Glammy.

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