Ghostwriting for a Crown Prince in Exile  SARAH PAVIS  ·  FEB 12 2013

After working as a New York Times reporter for 24 years, Michael Janofsky's first job as a freelance writer wasn't what he was expecting.

For the better part of a year, I was the Sheikh's blogger; or the Sheikh was my avatar. He had hired me to write a series of blogs, under his name, with the aim of ousting his half-brother, an Iranian sympathizer, who had driven him into exile years earlier. Our plan — the Sheikh's, his handlers, and mine — was to pound out three blog entries a week to convince the Sheikh's aging father that the tiny stretch of land controlled by the Sheikh's family for more than 200 years was better left in the hands of my guy, who had closer ties to Washington.

It all started with a cryptic phone call.

(via @JakeSwearingen)

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