World's largest inflatable airship  AARON COHEN  ·  MAY 20 2010

Earlier this week at the Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery, Alabama, there was a successful test to inflate the world's largest inflatable airship. It worked! Click the link to watch a video of the giant blimp being inflated. For my money, I'd like the biggest airship in the world to be able to carry more than 2,000 pounds, but I know practically nothing about current airship technology.


PS, if you're in the area, the Garrett Coliseum is having a Quarter Horse Show this weekend.

Update: Sean sent in an email to help explain the 2K payload of the Bullet 580. To start, the Bullet 580 is a blimp, as opposed to rigid airships like the Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg (which could carry about 550K pounds). Further, "The 2,000 lb lifting capacity mentioned is the E-Green 580's lifting capacity at 20,000 feet. The lifting capacity of the E-Green 580 at 2,500 feet, the normal operating altitude for most blimp activities, is 15,000 lbs."

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