New Improv Everywhere mission: make a local  APR 09 2008

New Improv Everywhere mission: make a local little league game feel like a major league game, complete with Jumbotron, play-by-play from NBC's Jim Gray, and the Goodyear blimp.

The parents will be talking about this for a long time... the kids even longer. My son was a pitcher on the Lugnuts. We had a long/tough season last year. Saturday made up for everything. I want to sincerely thank you for making Saturday so unbelievable. It was like a birthday, Christmas, and New Years Eve captured in a few amazing hours. Thanks a million for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

A previous mission attempted to do the same thing with a small band but backfired.

Reporter Jorge Just brings us the story of Improv Everywhere, a group of New York City pranksters who found an unknown band from Vermont called Ghosts of Pasha and decided to give them "The Best Gig Ever." They studied the band's music and then crowded the club, pretending to be hard core fans. They thought of it as a kind of gift. But for the band, it was kind of a nightmare.

Sounds like this one went off a bit better. (via waxy)

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