Skiing the online slopes  FEB 07 2006

Since I've been skiing a little bit recently (for the first time in years), I decided to check out what was happening online in the skiing world. Specifically I wondered if there were any ski blogs out there and if the many ski magazines offer online archives of their content.

Just like every other topic under the sun, skiing is well covered in blog land; no chance for fresh tracks here. A couple of quick searches uncovered blogs about backcountry skiing, New England skiing, ski adventures from around the country, skiing products and fashion, Colorado skiing, an attempt to ski 120 days of powder, Euro-centric skiing, and even a skiing videoblog.

Most of the skiing blogs I found focus on their respective author's adventures on the slopes. If someone wanted to start a skiing meta-blog (blogging not just skiing adventures but other skiing-related topics and pointing to other people's adventures), would there be enough good information out there to point to? The magazine racks of ski country convenience stores are filled with all kinds of periodicals about much of that content is online? From what I can tell, the skiing magazines do offer content on their sites, but not necessarily from the pages of their print magazines. Both SKI Magazine and Skiing Magazine have archived print articles on their sites, but only from June 2005 and earlier. Both have other resources like forums, skiing news, resort details, videos, and online-only features. Neither site is organized particularly well for quick information perusal and retrieval. Skipressworld offers PDF versions of their entire print magazine online, including the current issue. Powder magazine has some online archives as well as online-only features like videos and message boards.

And so on...Google News is currently featuring over 10,000 articles about skiing (although much of that is due to the impending Winter Olympics), Flickr has thousands of skiing photos, and nearly all the ski areas an resorts have web sites on which you can check the current conditions, the lines at the chairlift via webcams, and trail maps. Killington is even doing podcasts.

So there's lots of skiing info out there. I know there must be a few skiers among the readership...what are your favorite skiing sites and resources online?

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tien13 07 2006 6:13PM

at least it's finally cold out so we can go skiing.

Michael32 07 2006 6:32PM

I like, it's a text messaging service that lets you know the conditions at the slopes over your cell phone.

Randy37 07 2006 6:37PM - one awesome deal a day on ski or winter gear.

Andrew39 07 2006 6:39PM

Alpine Zone and Snow Journal are news/forum sites focusing on northeastern skiing.

Ted Harper48 07 2006 6:48PM is mainly focussed on skiing in Australia (yes we have snow, and it is during the northern hemisphere summer too). Very active discussion forums on that site also, with a lot of members who travel overseas to ski every (northern) season as well as skiing locally.

Cory49 07 2006 6:49PM

I haven't found many telemark sites that I visit regularly, so I end up at Utah Avalanche Center advisory and Alta.

Rob50 07 2006 6:50PM

Wow, someone else uses RubberSNOW! They also started a mountain guide wiki called

Nicole56 07 2006 6:56PM

Thanks for the links. I hadn't even thought about scouting out Colorado ski blogs, but after a short wandering of sites I see there are quite a few out there. I'm new to Colorado and skiing (though I'm addicted after three days on the mountains) so these will be great additions to Bloglines.

My main resource is the Ski Loveland site to check the snow report before I head out.

Sarah26 07 2006 7:26PM

I like for great microclimate forecasts of the Western US.

Nyanko42 07 2006 7:42PM

I ended up having to go to the library to look at articles from Ski Magazine from this past fall, so I feel your pain. I can't believe these magazines haven't made more stuff available online. I would've even paid for access.

I like The Barking Bear Forums when I need more personalized advice. Lots of friendly, knowledgeable people there. Other than that, I think you've covered all the sites I've found. In my opinion there's actually a paucity of info sites on the web... it's hard to find good tips and info beyond a random article or two.

Kjell53 07 2006 7:53PM

Warren Miller has an impressive catalog of quick videos which I must've spend two hours browsing the other day. People skiing off mountains and doing triple backflips and the like. Highyl entertaining.

I've had a bit of luck finding interesting stuff with the ski tag also.

Ridertech17 07 2006 8:17PM

Thanks for linking our video blog up. We also have a resorts mapped using Google Maps and Google Earth.

Frank25 07 2006 8:25PM

Aspect Journal is probably the best online creative ski writing in a web magazine format. I have a couple funny stories about my time at Alta and Sugarloaf, as well as photos buried on my site.

J40 07 2006 8:40PM

Dave Riley is the General Manager for Mt. Hood Meadows just outside of Portland, OR. This year he started a blog to communicate with the public about goings on at Meadows. From what I've seen it's been increadibly sucessfull for them.

His topics covered have been reopening lifts after massive storms, asking for input on taking trees for more glade skiing, reasons behind opening times, and what it takes to open backcountry terrain.

As a patron of Meadows, he has given me more insight as to what goes on behind the scenes of Meadows and has answered a lot of questions I've had for years but never been able to ask.

In my opinion, it's the exact way and reason why corporations should be blogging, to keep the customers informed and up to date.

Cam30 07 2006 9:30PM

I'll have to second Ted Harper - is a pretty decent meta-skiing type of site.

Steve32 07 2006 9:32PM (check the east coast and west coasts reports) is a essential site for me - especially their "snow centric" weather reports ( ... too bad it's all running on some slow old web tech ... hopefully they'll update one day.

Matt41 07 200611:41PM

My blog is called Brooklyn Ski Club and has absolutely nothing to do with skiing.

G03 08 2006 2:03AM

it's more about making skis than actually skiing, but rocks. great tele photos and info on building your own ride.

Richard58 08 2006 3:58AM

I check the snow reports at Lake Louise heading into every weekend.

Recently ventured west for some telemark lessons in Golden as well and it's got me psyched up for some serious touring next winter.

Adam46 08 2006 8:46AM

I've never been anywhere except Ashland, Oregon. I can make it to Mt Hood, but I'm too damn lazy to drive there. It is great though, my friends and some family go.

mike29 08 200611:29AM

while not exactly skiing, jake burton, founder of burton snowboards, is blogging 100+ days of riding over at Day 3 is the stuff of dreams.

Dan40 08 200612:40PM

Maybe subscribe to a few ski areas' newsletters to get snow reports. That's about it. Then, when the snow is good, get the hell up there!

Reading blogs won't enhance your skiing experience, it'll distract you and make you miss a good morning. Just go!

Rob17 08 2006 3:17PM


Ben20 08 2006 3:20PM is the most popular online community for modern freestyle skiing.

Erik H47 08 2006 8:47PM

Ask Aunt Google about "LOST SKI AREAS"

eric07 08 200610:07PM and both have devoted followings. Their message boards, while serving two pretty diverse segments of the skier population, are both filled with active communities centered around different regions.

Rogier van Rijn56 09 2006 2:56PM

Hi, on my website you can see a lot of high qualty ski photos taken in the french alps. Have a look and enjoy.

Overworm26 09 2006 4:26PM

I've water skiied a couple of times. Does that count as skiing?

Sergi21 09 2006 6:21PM

Soldeu - El Tarter (formerly Grand Valira), in Andorra (a little country in the Pirinees). I live near Barcelona, is Spain, and it's only 2 hours to this sky ressort. Plenty of tracks for my snowboard and few people :)

smax43 09 2006 6:43PM

I work For American Skiing Company. Killington isn't the only resort doing podcasts, in fact most are doing podcasts or video podcasts. Most of the resorts also have blogs, some sort of chat room or both. Most of our resort sites also have interactive trailmaps and/or live conditions maps that are updated literally constantly (Killington's is about as close to live as you can get).

I spend more time looking at and making ski sites than average, ok more time than almost any other activity other than sleeping and maybe skiing. Some other sites I frequent, a few special ones for the telemark skiier who also commented.
Couloir Magazine
Unparalleled Productions (Tele movies)
Snow eye webcams

Manuel29 10 2006 1:29AM

Hello, is pushed you coincidence over your Blog, comes from Austria and wishes you all good to the USA, wants times America a vacation to start must however surely still save most expensively comes the flight. well then still much success Manuel

Jason Swihart24 10 2006 3:24AM

A couple people mentioned Colorado skiing, so I'll plug my sites: Colorado Ski Country USA and our blog, Club Colorado. The latter we launched about a year ago after I manned our booth at some ski shows and everyone asked the same kinds of questions: "Where do YOU like to ski?" "Where do YOU get deals on X" etc. It occurred to us that people in the rest of the U.S. are really interested in local skier knowledge, so that's what we're trying to do with Club Colorado--not clear how successful we've been--but getting authentic content from a traditional mar-comm focused organization is tough.

As an aside, next week we're having a group of bloggers out for three days to hang out, ski with us, and (hopefully) find worthwhile stuff to blog. We've affectionately dubbed it Bloggy Mountain High and, as part of it, there's a meetup in Keystone on Wednesday. You're all invited.

hilary49 10 2006 4:49PM

for telemarkers there is now a site like telemarktips for east coast skiers: started up by

you think of starting a skiing blog???

David23 15 2006 6:23AM is a good blog if you are going over to Europe, particuarly the French off-piste and backcountry scene.

Dan Shust03 16 2006 6:03PM

Here is mine. (it is new!)

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