Low stakes Finnish Hold 'Em  MAR 31 2005

After sitting down to dinner at Moustache in the East Village, a bunch of us pulled out our phones, which activity I've noticed is some kind of nerd group tic. Several at the table had the Nokia 7610 and we were still futzing with them when the waiter came up to take our order. When he saw the phone, his eyes went wide. "What phone is this? You all have the same one? What is this phone and where did you get them?"

We told him a little about the phone and he seemed impressed. Smirking a little, he set down his order pad and reached into his pocket. "Here is my phone," he said as he placed a recently-released uber-thin Motorola RAZR down on the table, stepped back, and crossed his arms proudly. We all pulled back slightly from the table, silent for a moment, and then leaned in to get a closer look with a collective "oooooh...." The waiter beamed, happy at besting a bunch of geeks at a hand of cell phone poker.

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