And then there was one (RSS feed)  MAY 11 2004

As promised, I've done away with all but one of my RSS feeds for the main weblog. The RSS feed for is located at (RSS 2.0 format, if that matters), contains all posts except the remaindered links (rl feed here), includes only a short excerpt of each post, and contains no HTML, not even links (except for the book posts).

You shouldn't need to worry about this, but I've used Apache's mod_alias module to automatically and permanently redirect your newsreader from the old feed URLs to the new location. You shouldn't have noticed a thing (PulpFiction handled it like a champ). Apologies if your newsreader didn't make the transition as smoothly as I intended it probably doesn't handle 301 redirects properly (i.e. it's busted). If your newsreader didn't handle it well, please update the RSS URL for to Thanks!

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