The Memespread Project  APR 07 2004

The Memespread Project. An attempt to chart the spread of a meme (in this case, a single Web page) across the Web from a single source (this here remaindered link). Spread the meme by linking to it.

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disobey16 07 2004 8:16PM

i challenge another blogger to make a page that copies the memespread exactly, but changes the named starting point... memejacked!

Paul12 08 200412:12AM

This is kinda lame. The meme is a meme is a meme is a meme is a blah blah blah. You're linking to a page whose whole point of existing is to be linked to. Create something original and track that meme instead.

Firas24 08 200412:24AM

Hm.. I'd say it's an 'authentic' meme even if in a twisted way.

AM36 08 2004 3:36AM

I'm starting a meme for my birthday!

Joerg39 08 2004 5:39AM

I'm going to start one for ...

Maciej Ceglowski00 08 200410:00AM

wanka wanka wanka wanka wanka

bryce08 08 200412:08PM

It's like that scene in "White Noise" where people are taking pictures of the tourist trap "The Most Photographed Barn in America".

Stephen52 09 2004 1:52PM

The Google ranking for the meme.php page (and subsequently the home page of, linked at the bottom) is going to explode. Not that many people really care about google rankings, but still.

electricinca20 09 2004 3:20PM

I'm sure Sam Arbesman did this for a genuine scientific study but Stephen has also hit the nail on the head the Google PageRank for is going to go through the roof. Having achieved such a rank he could then profit from the Googlejuice by selling outbound links from the site.

eric49 10 200412:49PM

More power to him, i guess. He's taking advantage of the obvious effect of the blogging community, and he seems to be the first with this particular gimmick.

Joerg09 12 200412:09PM

White Noise ... great book.

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