reBlogging  APR 26 2004

For the next week or so, I'll be editing Eyebeam's reBlog, "a community site focused on art, technology, and culture". reBlog filters the filterers, with the reBlogger distilling information from many incoming feeds (by bloggers, Eyebeam artists, newspapers, etc.) into a single feed packed with art/tech/culture goodness for the Eyebeam community to consume.

One of my duties as editor is to seek out new sources of information for the site. If you look at the reBlog sidebar under "feeds", there are currently about 60 sources from which to choose stories. Are there any feeds you'd like to see on the list? IMO, an ideal feed would contain items about at least two of the reBlog topics of interest (art, tech, culture). Send your suggestions to Thanks for your suggestions.

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