Play this page service lets you make  APR 06 2004

Play this page service lets you make MP3 playlists from Kinja public digests. Look at those small pieces joining loosely. So small, so loose.

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dowingba29 06 2004 6:29PM

The problem with this is that, only if the link to the MP3 happens to show up in the excerpt on the Kinja page will it be found/played. You'll very rarely ever find an entire playlist using this method. (The Kinja "Music" digest only turned up 1 song, when I used it.)

Robert45 06 2004 6:45PM

I predict that in 5-8 years, that won't be a problem.

Lucas55 06 2004 7:55PM

Depends on the feed and aggregator. Webjay playlists, for example, have an RSS feed which contains all updated links, including the MP3 URL. Kinja doesn't show all the new entries, but Bloglines does.

...the only piece left to be solved is for your playlist renderer to tell the aggregator that you've listened to the RSS entry.

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