Photos of Japanese vending machines  APR 24 2004

Photos of Japanese vending machines.

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pickyin31 24 200410:31AM

I never knew they have machines for porn as well. Cool!

sarah40 24 2004 3:40PM

...or for "used" undies.

barnes01 24 2004 6:01PM

I live there for a number of years. My SO took a photo of a Coke machine protected inside of a bamboo hut, sitting at a crossroads between four big farms. It was charming in a Green Acres kind of way.

Also, before anyone gets too excited, the porn they sell in those machines is normally scat.

Rash35 24 2004 7:35PM

If you liked these photos, you'll probably enjoy the array of close-ups I took in Japan earlier this year:
There's a Pepsi machine among them.

Incidentally, the used panty machines get a lot of play in the media, but this was my seventh trip and I've never spotted one. I've read that they're cracking down on that trade.

bing50 24 2004 8:50PM

I'm sad they don't have a picture of the live lobster claw machines.

Andrew47 28 2004 4:47AM

Can i still buy panties?
Tell me the web-site.
Any pubic hairs for sale too????


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