Khaaaaaaan!! Khaaaaaannn!!!  APR 17 2004

Khaaaaaaan!! Khaaaaaannn!!!.

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Brian Smith37 17 200411:37PM

That was great. Thanks for the laughs!

allan24 18 200412:24AM

That was awesome

Firas48 18 2004 2:48AM

What was that clipped from? I'm clueless :(

j52 18 2004 5:52AM

Firas, the visual and audio are from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of [the afore mentioned] Khan". Classic Shatner at his Velvetta best.

greg.org36 18 200410:36AM

what was I THINKING? I clicked on that with a sleeping baby in my arms.

Still...old...friend, it was funny.

dave33 18 200412:33PM

thanks, made me laugh. khan is definitely one of my favourite movie villains.

Nick Burka39 18 200412:39PM

Made my dog bark, but hilarious.

JC00 18 2004 6:00PM

He tasks me, he tasks A lot of those chilling lines of Khan's were actually quotes from Moby Dick...

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