A grand day out with Quentin Tarantino  APR 19 2004

A grand day out with Quentin Tarantino. I didn't know you could have fun at Crate and Barrel.

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Curtis49 19 2004 3:49PM

A vomit erupts - HAAUULLP! PLOP! Mr. QT is such a cutey, ain't he just? And so HIP! My jeezusgodlord.

Craniac37 19 2004 7:37PM

Was it just me, or was he totally scamming on this woman?

Curtis40 19 2004 8:40PM

Would driving the Pussy Wagon through the Fairfax district be part of his clever plot? Was he there searching for a willing victim? Hmmm... I beginning to think you're RIGHT, Craniac. WHAT a GREAT HOBBY!

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