TypeKey, authentication services for weblogs  MAR 19 2004

TypeKey, authentication services for weblogs. I wonder if you could hack MT 3.0 to use Flickr for authentication instead...

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ram01 20 2004 3:01PM

The details of how TypeKill will work are still a bit sketchy, but I imagine some people would not want the comments they post at various places all associated with the same identity. For example, some people may post at a child abuse victims support forum/blog, and may not want those comments linked in anyway with comments they post on their friends blog.

Michael16 20 2004 3:16PM

I was thinking the same thing, but to have it be official cooperation between the two groups. I'm pretty sure Stewart and Caterina and the gang know the Trotts and/or Anil Dash, so I think there's definitely an opportunity for both...

Matt45 20 2004 9:45PM

Why can't I authenticate my comments with Passport, or AIM, or PGP, or Netscape login, or LDAP, or...?

Adam08 20 200411:08PM

I dunno, Matt, why can't you?

jake38 21 200412:38AM

hmm- central authentication could be an issue- i think some of the bigger blogs would need a guarantee that our authentication information would not be pooled or sold, and that the servers hosting the authentication information would be scalable to our needs. better yet, i'd just like to be able to host my own authentication system on my own server, and not connect it with other sites. i know that defeats part of the purpose of the system- but i like things that are more limited in scale.

dowingba23 21 2004 2:23AM

i think some of the bigger blogs would need a guarantee...

No, every blog would need that guarantee. It's centralized, remember. Big blog, little blog. It's all the same service. But if we all jump on the LOAF antispam bandwagon, it shouldn't be much of an issue.

And just think, together with the LOAF thing and this Typekey thing, spam -- email and comments alike -- will be effectively dead. It sounds like humans are finally winning the battle.

Tomas47 21 2004 8:47AM

dowingba: Don't underestimate the power of the dark side.

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