Lying is more common over the phone  MAR 25 2004

Lying is more common over the phone than over email, even if you're looking to hire a prostitute.

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Dan40 25 200412:40PM

Not "except"--the working girl confirmed the thesis.

jkottke00 25 2004 1:00PM

Duh. Of course. I read that completely wrong. Changed now.

Lukas59 25 2004 3:59PM

Sending an email to someone establishes a two-way link, more than a phone does, even with caller ID. (You can call from anywhere, but it takes effort to setup an anonymous email address to harass people from.)

And maybe the creepy phone dudes who never showed up just wanted to talk to a prositute? Or they were lonely and just wanted to talk to anyone?

Also, soliciting via email selects for that part of the population that uses email. Richer, more stable, etc.

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