JetBlue's CEO regularly serves as a flight  MAR 19 2004

JetBlue's CEO regularly serves as a flight attendant on his company's flights. "Hi, my name is Dave Neeleman, and I'm the CEO of JetBlue. I'm here to serve you this evening, and I'm looking forward to meeting each of you before we land."

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Scott24 19 200412:24PM

That is pretty impressive. I've never heard of a CEO doing anything like that. I'm convinced now that my next flight will be on JetBlue.

craig04 19 2004 2:04PM

Apparently, Neeleman and his partners are heavily into using IT to streamline operations and make JetBlue efficient. Ya gotta love someone who actually knows how to use IT properly.

Morgan41 19 2004 4:41PM

While we've got a new CIO - watching the entire team work together is amazing. Training for crewmembers, paperless systems for pilots, and rolling out Wireless to a few terminals, it makes me proud to be here.

Tomas48 19 2004 6:48PM

If he hadn't volunteered passenger information to test CAPPS II, I would think he was a lot cooler. Fortunately, he changed his mind.

Morten06 20 2004 5:06PM

A smart move from Dave Neeleman, but he seems inspired by Stelios (founder of easyJet), who did similarly back in 1995/1996 when easyJet started.

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